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"I have always been passionate about supporting individuals to extend their reach, empower their lives, and become more than they dreamed. Through the creation of my new business, linked with the International Coach Federation and The Coaches Training Institute, I am now professionally positioned to help people achieve their life vision." 

"Coaching is about the whole person: values, goals, work, balance, fulfillment and life purpose. I work with highly motivated clients to develop their own definition of success. We find that most people want to achieve specific goals so they can lead more fulfilling lives. I help by collaboratively designing a plan tailored to each indivduals’ needs and aspirations."

"As a professional life coach, I specialize in leadership, innovation and relationship systems. I coach executives, professionals, athletes, business owners and those going through major life transitions. Together, we push through personal barriers, enabling you to “live bigger.” I provide clients with the tools to enhance their, effectiveness, implement out-of-the-box solutions, and transform their dreams into reality." 

"Support my client’s natural gifts and passions in order to achieve ongoing success. My skill to generate results is augmented by my 20-year record of business success in Human Resources and Management Development at the major nation-wide retailer, Town Shoes Co. Ltd."

Snapshot Bio

Brenda Simpson is a life and leadership coach. She specializes in health and wellness, inspiration, stress management, work/life balance, and leadership.

She has an irrepressible personality and a burning desire to help others create a personal and business life filled with passion, purpose and joy. 

Brenda lives in Toronto and is the mother of two teenage children. Before turning to coaching, Brenda had great success in retail store operations and human resources for a large national Canadian chain. Passionate about physical fitness, she is an avid athlete, has run marathons, climbed many mountains, has produced and filmed several underwater films for CBC, CTV, and Discovery, and piloted single engine planes.

Natural Coaching
Brenda’s coaching is steeped in her love of nature and the organic elements that each person can discover in life. The Lotus in her logo represents the coaching process. 
"I have “captured” Nature through my photography and documentaries. Whether climbing mountains, skiing a challenging slope and deep-sea diving, water invites me to its various forms. Nature displays her growth and power through the elements and trees that I use as symbols for life’s possibilities."
Often we try too hard and here you can just “be.” Together we listen and learn from what the world teaches us. 
Nature is part of all of us. Now your life will  reveal as your natural self.”

Extreme Results Coaching

Passionate about physical fitness and the commitment it takes to achieve goals, Brenda applies that model to her coaching and seminar sessions. She is an avid athlete, runs marathons, climbs many mountains, produced and filmed several underwater films for CBC, CTV, and Discovery, and piloted single engine planes.

Dream Ascent   Think in possibilities, unseen mental pictures brought to life. Think Disney. He made a creature of usual fright into everyone’s best friend—Mickey Mouse. How are you nourishing your dreams, your visualizations? Use five minutes a day to recharge your creative batteries.
What's Under That?   We teach children that curiosity killed the cat. That negativity has stunted many an imagination. Be curious, bring the joy of wonder back into your life. Instill the thrill of exploration in your family and friends. Take an adventure tour in your own neighborhood and rediscover why you moved there. Refresh relationships by finding something new to be curious about.
Love & Comfort   Put in your order today for your 12 hugs to your circle. Remind them how much they mean to you. Define your sacred space where you enjoy comfort and quiet
Tools 4 Climbing   What do you need to reach the top of the climb? Start with a plan. Add the research, conditions and training steps. Timeframe for how long you need to complete your preparation. Set a target and keep it flexible so it doesn’t become a trial.
Slalom Freedom   You’ve earned the ride. Sail free, feel the spray in your face and open your heart for all that wants to come your way. Breathe in the sweet small of success and store the energy for what’s ahead.


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